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The Laboratory of Dr. Susana Valente in the Department of Immunology and Microbiology at UF Scripps Biomedical Research is currently recruiting a postdoctoral researcher to conduct research in HIV biology.

Post-Doctoral Position available in HIV transcriptional regulation and cure

The Valente laboratory in the Department of Immunology and Microbiology at UF Scripps Biomedical Research in Jupiter, Florida is seeking a highly talented, creative, independent self-motivated postdoctoral scholar. We focus on the characterization of molecular interactions occurring within a host cell that are critical for HIV transcription. Our goal is to develop therapeutics that block HIV-1, with special focus on those that help to reduce, eradicate, or suppress the reservoir of latently infected cells. 

Ongoing projects include:

  • Understanding of the full clinical potential of Tat inhibitors in in vivo models of HIV latency
  • Mechanisms of Tat-independent HIV replication: implications on HIV reservoir formation
  • Development of HIV latency promoting agents and their exploration for a functional cure
  • Identification and characterization of chromatin regulators and host cellular factors regulating HIV latency and reactivation

 This position will require:

  • Expertise in virology such as cell culture, virus production, lentivirus vector production, p24 ELISA, flow cytometry, etc.
  • Work in the BSL3 facility
  • Expertise in biochemistry, IP, WB, protein expression and purification
  • Epigenetics ChIP-Seq, ATAC-Seq, etc.
  • Small molecule screening
  • Work with primary cell models of HIV latency
  • Excellent oral communication and written skills in English, with good organizational and analytical abilities.


Ph.D. (or MD/PhD) in biological sciences such as virology, molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry or immunology, with several international publications. Preference to candidates with experience with HIV. Salary is commensurate to experience in accordance with NIH guidelines.

Interested candidates should submit curriculum vitae, letter of interest, and the names and contact information of three individuals to provide letters of reference to Susana Valente.

 Email: svalente@ufl.edu